The 10th anniversary of the Georgian Bar Association

November 13th, 2015 § 0 comments


CCBE President Maria Ślązak receiving the Order of Luarsab Andronikashvili

On 7 November 2015, CCBE President Maria Ślązak attended a conference, in Tbilisi, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Georgian Bar Association. The theme of this conference was “Freedom of Lawyers’ Profession and Institutional Guarantees”. It was attended by expert speakers from the Parliament of Georgia, the Scottish/English Bar, the Netherlands Bar, the Belgian Bar, and the French Bar. There were also other international delegations present from the Polish, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan Bars. The discussion centred on the freedom of the legal profession and lawyers’ rights in Georgia, the international guarantees of free advocacy and European standard, lawyers defending rights of lawyers, and institutional guarantees of legal practice. The speakers’ presentations were highly appreciated by Georgian lawyers who showed great interest in the developments and experience in other European countries. There was a fruitful discussion on the problems faced by Georgian lawyers in their daily practice, which highlighted the need to continuously raise issues at both national and international levels. To date, the CCBE has sent letters to various Georgian and European Authorities to raise concerns about the continuing violations of rights of lawyers in Georgia in February 2014, June 2014 and May 2015. 

 In the framework of the event, Maria Ślązak was awarded with the Order of Luarsab Andronikashvili for her generous contribution to the development of the Georgian Bar Association and to the protection of lawyer’s rights. Maria Ślązak is the first ever foreign lawyer to be awarded with the Order of Georgian Bar Association.

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