Roundtable on Legal Aid in Albania

March 3rd, 2016 § 0 comments

In the framework of the EURALIUS IV project on the ‘Consolidation of the Justice System in Albania’, amendments to the law on Legal Aid have been prepared.

The Albanian Bar Association addressed the CCBE with the request for assistance seeking the advice of CCBE experts regarding the content of the draft law on Legal Aid.

It was decided to organise a one-day roundtable with participation of both EURALIUS and CCBE experts in order to discuss the draft law on legal aid. This roundtable will take place on 16 March 2016 in Tirana, Albania. The following CCBE experts will take part in the roundtable:

  1. Massimo Audisio, Italy
  2. Stanislav Balik, Czech Republic
  3. Aitzol Asla Uribe, Spain

These experts will not only provide concrete examples from their practices but will also give recommendations regarding the content of the draft law on legal aid.

Please find below a draft programme of the round-table.


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