Council of Europe: Report by the Secretary General, 2017

July 4th, 2017 § 0 comments


The Report, which contains a Chapter on Lawyer Professionalism (pages 31-32), recalls that “In any judicial system, the role of lawyers is crucial for ensuring effective access to justice and the full enjoyment of the principle of equality of arms as guaranteed by Article 6 of the Convention.”

The Report sets out ‘institutional criteria’ (including: “Lawyers can discharge their duties without improper interference.”, “Entrants to the legal profession have appropriate education and training.”) and it contains brief findings on several issues: monopoloy on legal representation, quality standards, lawyers’ fees, organisation of the profession.

The Report specifically mentions the Council of Europe cooperation projects with the Georgian and Moldovan Bars:

“A co-operation project implemented with the Bar Association of Georgia has focused on the exercise of the profession of lawyer in line with Committee of Ministers Recommendation No. R (2000) 21 on the freedom of exercise of the profession of lawyer, and on the development and dissemination of a code of ethics for lawyers. The bar association also sought, and used, the Council of Europe’s input in respect of the framework for admission to the profession of lawyer and the self-administration of the profession. Similar work has been undertaken in the Republic of Moldova.”

The Report can be downloaded here.

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