Joint CoE-UNBA-CCBE event on Strategic Planning, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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On the 9 and 10 October 2015, in Kyiv, the Council of Europe, jointly with the Ukrainian National Bar Association (UNBA) and the CCBE, held an event on strategic planning. CCBE President Maria Ślązak, along with experts from the Bars of Finland, Lithuania and Scotland, participated in this conference, the purpose of which was to provide examples from their practices which could be of assistance to the Ukrainian National Bar Association.

Oxana Gutu UNBA Head Lidiya Izovitova CCBE President Maria Ślązak

Oxana Gutu, Council of Europe
Lidiya Izovitova, Head of UNBA
Maria Ślązak, CCBE President

The objectives of this conference were that the participants would acquire and upgrade their understanding on the purpose and use of strategic planning; learn from other European Bar Associations’ experiences on Strategic Planning; and be able to formulate the key elements of drafting of the Strategy leading to agreement on high-level strategy (e.g. mission, vision, strategic objectives).

The audience benefited from a combination of presentations of Strategic Planning experiences from European Bar Associations, training methods and practical group work.

The results should help the Ukrainian National Bar Association to formulate a strategy and an Action Plan for the coming five years.

June 2015 – CCBE-IBA-ELF-UNBA Joint Conference on Representation by Advocates in Court Proceedings in Kiev, Ukraine

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Maria Ślązak , CCBE President, at the joint conference in Kiev

Maria Ślązak , CCBE President

On 5-6 June 2015, the IBA, UNBA, CCBE and ELF held a successful joint conference on ‘Representation by Advocates in Court Proceedings’ in Kiev which brought together European expert speakers with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, the Ukrainian National Bar Association (UNBA), advocates as well as representatives of European and international organisations (see conference programme and presentations). Under current Ukrainian legislation, any person in Ukraine – without legal education – can provide legal advice to clients and represent them in courts in civil proceedings. The UNBA has been urging the government to change the law so that only advocates can represent clients in civil court proceedings. The CCBE President, Maria Ślązak, who participated in this conference, presented the CCBE views on the issue of representation by lawyers in court proceedings (in support of the UNBA position), which are also set out in a letter sent to the authorities in Ukraine on 26 March 2015. The IBA and CCBE hope to publish a final report with recommendations in the coming weeks. The report should assist the Bar in their further dealings with the public authorities in order to ensure representation by advocates in courts.