New Law for advocates in Albania

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The new Law on the Profession of Advocate (No.55/2018, dated 23.07.2018) entered into force on 1st of September 2018 in the Republic of Albania.

The object of this law is to define the rules of organisation and functioning of the profession of advocate.

This law defines the legal criteria for the practice of the profession of advocate as a freelance, independent, self-regulated and self-administered profession in Albania.  The law also guarantees a legal obligation to protect individual and collective interests of subjects represented by advocate.

The main principles of the profession of advocate are prescribed in the Article 3 of the law:

  1. The profession of advocate is guided by the fundamental principles of professionalism, ethics, loyalty, integrity and confidentiality.
  2. The advocate, during the practice of his/her profession, shall be guided primarily by the interests of the client he/she represents.

The new law also includes the chapters on rights and duties, practice, organisation and steering bodies, register, disciplinary proceedings and the professional education of advocates.

An unofficial translation of the Law on the Profession of Advocate in English is available here.

Albania: Statement by High Representative Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Johannes Hahn

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“We expect that Members of the Parliament will show responsibility, capacity to act within the democratic legitimate institutional framework, and that they stand by the people of Albania, who continue to demand that the vetting is launched and the judiciary eventually reformed, also as a crucial step for the country to join the European Union.”

Read here the full statement of 12/04/2017.

Comparative Analysis of Bar Associations in Select European Jurisdictions

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The Report ‘Comparative Analysis of Bar Associations and Law Societies in Select European Jurisdictions’, completed by a World Bank team in coordination with experts, amongst which also the CCBE, is published on the website of the Multi Donor Trust Fund for Justice Sector Support. The report looks at 10 distinct countries’ Bars and Law Societies and analyses their role, structure and responsibilities. It aims to provide comparative information for justice reform activities. The covered national jurisdictions are: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, England and Wales, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Serbia and Spain.

Joint CCBE-Albanian Bar seminar

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CCBE-Albanian Bar PECO seminar, 30/09, Tirana

The CCBE and the Albanian Bar Association held a seminar on 30 September 2016 in Tirana. The seminar brought together representatives of the Albanian Bar and European experts – around 60 people – to discuss the core values of the profession and their enforcement, as well as the training of lawyers. A representative of the Ministry of Justice emphasised at the seminar the very good work which has been carried out by the Bar over the past years. The continuous lack of trust of people in the administration of justice overall is, however, an issue which affects all legal professionals and which remains a challenge for all stakeholders in the justice system. Participants discussed in the morning session the functioning of disciplinary proceedings, including the number and type of disciplinary decisions and the most frequent violations of the code of conduct. After the fall of the communist regime, the disciplinary system in Albania has been brought up to European standards and works well. Disciplinary proceedings are seen as an important means to strengthen the trust in the profession. However, often lawyers are identified with their clients or their clients’ causes, which has become a problem. The afternoon session allowed for a good discussion and exchange on the rules of initial and continuous training in Albania, France and England & Wales (solicitors). Practical questions such as the financing of law schools and teachers, the composition of boards of law schools, etc. were discussed. The World Bank presented to the audience a draft version of their comparative analysis of Bars and Law Societies in selected European jurisdictions. The Council of Europe – HELP – reported about the continuous work on Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals.

To access the programme of the seminar and presentations, please click on the links below.

Programme of the seminar

R. Gemmell, CCBE

M. Haxhia, Albania

A. Bitinas, Lithuania

M. Jobert, France

M. Semini, Albania

J. Crewe, England and Wales

V. Boz, Council of Europe

Programme of the PECO seminar in Albania is now available

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As previously reported, the CCBE will organise a PECO Seminar in cooperation with the Albanian National Chamber of Advocacy, which will take place on 30 September 2016 in Tirana – the draft programme is now available. After a short introduction from the President of the Albanian National Bar and the CCBE President, expert speakers from across Europe will discuss with their Albanian counterparts the core values of the legal profession and enforcement mechanisms, which will be followed by the World Bank’s report on ‘Comparative analysis of Bars and Law Societies in selected European jurisdictions’. In the afternoon session, the discussions will focus on the organisation of initial and continuous training and the use of new training methods. The seminar will be concluded by the presentation of the Council of Europe on the ‘Human Rights Education of Legal Professionals’ (HELP) programme. While, the seminar will focus particularly on the achievements and challenges of the establishment of high standards for the exercising of the legal profession in Albania, it will also be of interest to audiences from across Europe.

PECO Profile: Albania

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logo_National Chamber of Advocacy Of Albania

Albania has a population of 2 800 000 and 1800 active lawyers (data of 2015), with a total number of 8200 lawyers. The Albanian National Bar Association joined the CCBE as an observer member in 2008. Since 2018 official name – Albanian Chamber of Advocacy.

Key information about the profession:

Initial training of lawyers: One must obtain a university law degree. Mandatory initial training consists of a one-year internship and the completion of a training program organised by the National School of Lawyers (NSL). Upon completion of the initial training, a candidate should pass a qualification examination for the practice of the legal profession and obtain a result of more than 50 percent.

Continuous training: Is mandatory. A detailed regulation is under preparation. Continuous training activities are organised by the National Chamber of Advocacy in the framework of international programmes, such as JusT, Council of Europe, USAID, etc. Failure to attend continuous training activities shall constitute grounds for revocation of the license to exercise the profession of advocate.

Specialisation: There is no specialisation.

Discipline: The law on the Profession of Advocates of 2012 introduced the position of a Complaints Commissioner, who can be addressed in case of infringements of the law committed by a lawyer. After their decision on the case, the complaint may be presented before the Disciplinary Committee composed of 6 lawyers, 1 representative of MoJ, 1 representative of civil society or academia, 1 representative appointed by a decision of HCJ, which decides on the specific case. A suit can be filed at the administrative court if one wants to contest the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

Legal Aid: In Albania, a Law on Legal Aid was adopted in December 2008 and entered into force in April 2009. However, due to the drawbacks of the current legal aid system one of which is its limited budget, free legal aid continues to be provided mainly by non-governmental organisations with donor funding.

Current concerns of the Bar:

Roundtable on Legal Aid in Albania

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In the framework of the EURALIUS IV project on the ‘Consolidation of the Justice System in Albania’, amendments to the law on Legal Aid have been prepared.

The Albanian Bar Association addressed the CCBE with the request for assistance seeking the advice of CCBE experts regarding the content of the draft law on Legal Aid.

It was decided to organise a one-day roundtable with participation of both EURALIUS and CCBE experts in order to discuss the draft law on legal aid. This roundtable will take place on 16 March 2016 in Tirana, Albania. The following CCBE experts will take part in the roundtable:

  1. Massimo Audisio, Italy
  2. Stanislav Balik, Czech Republic
  3. Aitzol Asla Uribe, Spain

These experts will not only provide concrete examples from their practices but will also give recommendations regarding the content of the draft law on legal aid.

Please find below a draft programme of the round-table.


CCBE letter to the Prime minister of the Republic of Albania regarding introduction of fiscal cash registers for lawyers and the VAT rules

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012On 12 October 2015, the CCBE sent a letter to the Prime minister of the Republic of Albania reiterating its deep concerns about the implementation of fiscal cash registers for lawyers and VAT rules, and asking for information about the reasoning behind this. In 2010 and 2011, the CCBE sent three letters to the previous Prime minister of the Republic of Albania raising the same issues. The CCBE highlighted in its letter the potential risks which the application of the fiscal cash registers to lawyers will have with regard to access to justice, independence of the profession, professional secrecy or legal professional privilege. Another concern is that all legal services in Albania are subject to 20% VAT regardless of a lawyer’s salary, whereas for other businesses VAT varies depending on income.

In 2011, the CCBE carried out a survey among its members about national VAT and threshold rules. The CCBE survey showed that the Albanian provision, which would foresee that legal services are subject to 20% VAT regardless of a lawyer’s turnover, is contrary to the existing standards and practice of other European countries.

The full letter can be read here.