EU Enlargement package 2018

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On 17 April 2018 European Commission adopted its Communication on EU Enlargement Policy 2018, including seven individual reports, assessing the implementation of the European Union’s enlargement policy which is based on established criteria and fair and rigorous conditionality.

In the communication, the Commission puts forward the following conclusions:

  1. The EU’s enlargement policy is an investment in peace, security, prosperity and therefore stability in Europe. It provides increased economic and trade opportunities to the mutual benefit of the EU and the aspiring Member States. The firm prospect of EU membership, as continuously reaffirmed by the EU and its Member States, continues to drive transformation and anchor stability and security in the countries of Southeast Europe.
  2. The enlargement process continues to be built on established criteria and fair and rigorous conditionality. Each country is assessed on the basis of its own merits so as to provide incentives to pursue far-reaching reforms. For the enlargement perspective to become a reality, a firm commitment to the principle of “fundamentals first” remains essential.
  3. The Commission’s Western Balkans strategy, adopted in February 2018, provides a historic window of opportunity to firmly and unequivocally bind the region’s future to the European Union. The countries in the region now need to act with determination to decisively and irreversibly move forward their transformation process and address the existing shortcomings, in particular concerning the fundamentals of rule of law, fundamental rights, democratic institutions and public administration reform, as well as the economy.

The Communication is accompanied with 7 individual reports: