CCBE supports strengthening the training of lawyers in Turkey

February 25th, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

logo CCBEOn 23 February 2016, the CCBE sent a letter to the Turkish authorities supporting the Union of Turkish Bar Associations’ request to strengthen the training of lawyers in Turkey.

In Turkey, in order to become a fully-fledged lawyer, law graduates need to complete a practical traineeship of one year. There are no further requirements, such as a bar exam.

In its letter, the CCBE noted that a robust training system is of utmost importance. The lawyer cannot effectively advise or represent the client unless the lawyer has had the appropriate professional education and training. All CCBE member countries provide for rules and requirements relating to who is able to practice. In general terms, these rules relate to specifying the necessary knowledge, skills, and competences of the applicant (such as a need to pass a test or professional examination or requirements in relation to minimum training and experience) and/or are based on various requirements associated with the character of the applicant. As far as Bar exams are concerned, an EU financed study of June 2014, which was prepared in the framework of the European Parliament Pilot project on European judicial training, shows that nearly all EU countries require a bar examination.

The CCBE urged the authorities to review the training requirements for future lawyers in Turkey, noting that only a high level of competence supported by a robust training system can guarantee high-quality services.